Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. In the Cart, if you haven’t created an account yet, select Checkout

  2. On the Next Screen it will give you the option to login or, below, it will have an account creation form.
  3. On the left side is the Billing Information Section
    • Input all your information in the corresponding fields
    • The items marked with a * are required
    • The Email Address will be your Account Username and how we communicate with you going forward

  4. On the right side is the Shipping Information Section

    a. If the information is the same as Billing, select the box Same as Billing

  5. If you were working with one of our Sales Reps, input their name in the box here.

  6. After this, select Next Step.

  7. Verify that your information is correct, upon verification, you can Change, or Select Register.

  8. Upon Registering, you will be logged in and redirected to the Checkout to complete your transaction.
  9. You will receive a registration email and, upon completing the transaction, an order confirmation email too!