Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Free shipping is a feature all online stores should have access to. It is a great way to gain business as well as customer satisfaction. Although free shipping is a very easy feature to set up on most platforms, what make Webjaguar's platform so great is it goes above and beyond just being able to offer free shipping.

To understand what seperates Webjaguar's from the competition, first, you must understand how adding free shipping to items typically works. Usually all that is needed is you change the item's weight to be equal to 0.00. After that, no problem people can add it to the cart with a bunch of other items plain as day. But what about for those customers who are purchasing the item that ships for free and that item alone? Well that makes things a little more difficult due to the fact that by default, whenever a customer purchases an item that has a weight of zero shipping providers will add one pound to any item that weighs less than a pound which may make the shipping and handling of those items a lot cheaper, but not truly free. 

This is where Webjaguar seperates itself, the platform has a smart shipping feature that has the capability to override even the shipping provider's routine of adding a pound to all items weighing less than a pound. Resulting in a shipping and handling bill that is zero dollars and zero cents. 

Before we can set up any of those features, first, we must understand how to set the item's weight equal to zero. 

1. Log into the back end of your site through the Webjaguar platform. 

2. From your list of options on the left bar of your screen below the Product tab select list

3. Your product list will pop up, go ahead and search for the SKU of the item you want to have free shipping on the search bar on the left of the screen under the SKU field. Select the item. 

4. The item description screen will pop up next. Scroll down and you will find the weight field. Set the weight equal to 0.00

Now that we have the weight of the item we want to have free shipping equal to zero, we can activate the smart shipping feature

1. To access the smart shipping feature, click on SiteInfo at the top of your screen. 

2. The site info page will open up, you will notice the left bar now gives you shipping options. Select Shipping & Handling.

3. In the field called Select, make the fee based on carrier. The New Shipping Title field should be called Free Shipping or something along those lines, the New Price Cost needs to be set to 0.0. The Handling field needs to be set to Base on Weight

Never again will you run into the problem of charging people for shipping when it should be free. Single item carts CAN have free shipping with Webjaguar!