Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

In Webjaguar, you are given the option to add product fields to your products. Those product fields tend to display bits of data about the product the customer may be interested in knowing such as materials, colors, sizes, etc. The system is able to take it a step further and allow for your customers to use these characteristics to filter through your products. Below are instructions on how to do so:

1. Go into your product list from the catalog drop down in the top bar of your back end.

2. In the left bar of the site you will find an option called "Fields" click into that option.

3. Please view the image below. The column highlighted in red is required to be checked in order for the field to appear in the left bar. For each field you have this column checked, the left bar will filter all values found within each given category for products that have information in that field. Once you have selected your fields you want to filter, update and reindex!