Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Did you know that there is a much easier way to access your .htaccess files than going through your control panel? Here is how! By the end of this FAQ, you will know: 1. How to access hidden files from your FTP host. 2. What hidden access files are used for. 3. How to save the necessary changes to that file. Accessing your hidden plain text files is very easy to do. After you have entered into the FTP of your site. Navigate through the top bar, click on the "Server" tab. Select the option called "Force Showing Hidden Files" as seen below. Now that you know how to access the files, what do the files actually do? -.htaccess files are plain text files used to help control how visitors interact with your website. -.htaccess files block specific traffic from being able to view your site. -The files allow for you to rewrite URL's. -The files allow for you to set default pages. -The files allow for you to reconfigure account settings.