Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Cross Item Code: when you have quantity break discount, you can combine multiple items to take advantage of the quantity discount. For example if you are selling a dress, and the dress comes in multiple colors and sizes, and if you buy 1 to 5 price is $20, but if you buy 6 or more you get $16 price. You can buy 2 small, 2 medium and 2 large and you can get the price of $16, if you have common cross item code between those items Also consider vs Recommended Item: Also consider is an old feature that is not in use. Recommended items when customer view the item on the detail page, they can see all the recommended items tied to this sku Protected Level: Protected level, you can add a protected level to a product and only customers who are enabled to see that protected level can see this product. FOr example if you have some products that you sell only in Canada but not USA, you can protect those products, and enable only Canadian customers to see those products. Or if you have some product that is sold only for certain channel, you can do that. Or if you have some exclusive line of products, maybe new models, that you first want to make available to your VIP customers, you can use this feature. Inventory alert: N/A SiteMapPriority: this is for Google ranking, keep .5. Check google webmaster guidelines for more info Search Rank: Search rank is use to prioritize which product appear first on search result. For example you are search for Polo, and you have 2 polos in your site they will appear based on alphabetical order. But if you put a search rank, the one with lower number will appear first on the search result Royalty Points: This is old feature, that allows you to associate points to a product, and then allow customers to redeem those points after certain number into credit. At the checkout they can use the credit they have as a form of payment Field 8 ? Child Option: This is related to putting parent / children for a product... Boris, point her to a specific example product using that. this is the best way to learn the behavior