How can I configure Amazon feed through Webjaguar?

1. Login to the admin side of the WebJaguar.

2. In admin side, go to Site info > click on Site config tab.

3. Go to the Amazon feed and enter the details as mentioned.

4. Plug in the category which will be used by amazon to read the products from.

Put your category ID in this box.

For this please create a category for amazon and add the products to the category which you want to include in amazon feed. 

5. For creating category,  go to catalog-> categories-> Add category.

For example: You can name it like this.

Here 206 will work as a category ID that you will put in the above configuration box.

6. Upcoming settings are configured according to your business needs.

-       Amazon Feed Product Id Type:

This will have all the Amazon accepted IDs, you have 4 options to map the products to the ID with amazon. Here is the available option. Usually, the customer uses ASIN or UPC.

Order Tracking Number Update:

This gives the ability to send the tracking number on the specific order status. Usually, the customer uses sending the tracking number to amazon when the status of the order on WebJaguar is “Shipped”. Here is the different status option available.

- Amazon Product Feed Freq.:This is the config where you need to specify how often do you want to send the update from WebJaguar to Amazon. Usually, the customer uses 15 Mins and it is also recommended to use 15 mins by us. This will keep the product data updated on amazon.

Ex- if you add/delete any products from the amazon category it will update the amazon store every 15 mins. In this way, you avoid the issue of selling discontinued products on Amazon.


- Amazon Inventory Price Feed Freq:


This configuration is very critical; we recommend this to be set to 15 mins. This configuration will update the price and inventory on Amazon. In this way, you can avoid selling the product at a low price or selling a product that was out of stock. This will keep updating the inventory WJ to Amazon.

Amazon Feed Order Read Freq.:

This configuration is for the reading orders which was placed on amazon. Usually, the customer keeps it 24 hours or 8-hour frequency and we offer 10 options to select from depending on your business need.

If you are still having issues editing those options, please send a ticket to our webdev team.
here to learn how to quickly submit a support ticket.

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