How come my customer list doesn't match the emails sent?

You might notice when you schedule a mass email whether in your CRM or in your customer list, the number of emails scheduled does not match the total number of emails in your list.

This would look something like this:

There could be two reasons why your emails sent don't match the number of emails in your list. Here are the main reasons why:

Reason #1: Someone unsubscribed from your list

Someone may have unsubscribed from your list, you can check who has unsbscribed from your emails in two ways:

        1. Login to your WebJaguar Admin

        2. Hover over More and click on Email Manager

        3. Click on Unsubscribe email in the Actions tab.

Here you can find all of the people who have unsubscribed from your emails.

If you'd like to check if a specific customer has unsubscribed from your email list follow the following steps:

        1. Login to your WebJaguar Admin

        2. Click on Customers

        3. Hover over the Settings buttion and click on edit.


        4. Check to see if the Unsubscribe checkbox has been checked.

a. If the checkbox is blank, that means the customer is still subscribed. If it is filled in, it means the customer unsubscribed.

Reason #2: Duplicate emails

If you have duplicate emails, the WebJaguar system will automatically filter those. In that case, they won't show up when you're scheduling a mass email. This is to prevent customers or potential customers from recieving the same email multiple times. 

If you have any questions about how to schedule a mass email, check out this tutorial here.


If you are still having email issues, please send a ticket to our webdev team.

Click here to learn how to quickly submit a support ticket.

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