What is the Product Report 2?

Product Report 2 details the global performance of a SKU on your site. For example, if you would like to know how many times this SKU has been ordered for its lifetime on the site, you can find the information here.

Visit Admin > Report > Product Report 2

  • Name: This shows the product name of the respective SKU
  • Product Brand: This shows the product brand if associated
  • Product SKU: This is the SKU number
  • Number of Orders: here you can view the total number of Orders a SKU has been associated with. You can also click the number, to view an Order Report (shown below)


  • Gross Revenue: here you can view the overall gross revenue produced by sales of this SKU
  • Quantity Sold: here you can view the overall quantity sold of this product SKU. This is great way to gauge the overall performance of your product. You can also sort to find your best-selling products or least performing products. From this data, you can better troubleshoot product performance.
  • No. of Visits: this shows the number of visits to this SKU on your website. This is great for tracking the activity and performance of your product SKUs. If you have low number of visits, consider organizing a product to appear in different locations on your site, or improve your product image to gain better click-thru rates.


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